Build Software Apps Without Writing Any Code

Learn how to build and launch an AI-powered app with this free video series.
Creating AI apps and tools is the biggest business opportunity of this decade. Don’t let your lack of coding experience stop you from taking advantage!

What You Will Learn

Study Genie 

Follow along and see how we made this Ai software app with an easy to use plug and play template. Within a few clicks you can build out pages like this from scratch...

Why we created this video series

AI tools and apps really are one of the biggest opportunities for entrepreneurs in 2023. People have made millions of dollars in the past few months creating and selling SaaS. 
The problem with building software apps is you either need lots of coding experience, or lots of money to pay someone with coding experience.
Until now.

We don’t want a lack of capital or coding experience stopping you from bringing your innovative ideas to life. That’s why we created this free course. It makes building an AI app as easy as building a website on shopify. 
Access No-Code Video Series
We show you how to build and launch a monetizable AI business using Bubble. Bubble is a drag-and-drop website builder like Shopify, but Bubble is more focused on building software apps.